What is the Sustainability Project?

The Sustainability Project is a committed project of the Artisans Association in planting and maintaining the copal trees. The ecological cycle of the Sustainability Project of the Ecoalebrijes Association:

  • Clearing litter and removing the ubiquitous plastic particles from the soil
  • Composting
  • Moving prepared dirt and compost to various staging areas
  • Making and preparing containers for copal seedlings
  • Nurture, plant, and tend to copal seedlings
  • Transplant rooted seedlings to hillside
  • Tend to developing copal orchard

The cycle is continuous, ongoing, and growing. The Ecoalebrijes Association has worked with other environmental ecology groups in Mexico where they helped contribute to broad-based awareness and adoption of ecological principle.

The importance of the Copal trees:

The Artisans value their natural environment, especially the copal tree. Native to the area and historically abundant, the copal tree is very valuable to the Association. It holds artistic and traditional significance. The copal trees are used to help the Artisans to develop their alebrije arts.


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