The SJSU-Ecoalebrijes Intercambio is a unique partnership between the Health Science Department at San Jose State University in California and the EcoAlebrijes Association of Arrazola in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

State-of-the-art technology, inspired by the artisans and organized by the students, invites you to explore the beautiful art of the alebrije, learn about the environmental sustainability projects of the Oaxacan partners, and find out more about the artisan association.

Through the words and images on this website, you will experience our annual Intercambio in Oaxaca, hear from participants in their own words, see photos of our groups in action and in context, and meet some of our partners.

Let’s go!


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www.ecoalebrijes.org & www.ecoalebrijes.com site development and the media projects included were created
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