Goals, principles, methods:

The Intercambio has evolved from spontaneous events and activities with the community, to organized health education in school, cultural exchange presentations, and having students and faculty work with local health organizations and clinics to promote community health.

Partner perspectives – U.S. and Mexican voices

How we’re different from traditional immersion, service, or service-learning projects: While spending time with the people of Arrazola a huge exchange between both is made. SJSU students have held health education fairs for the artisans and their children, held lectures on epidemiology, visit food banks, go on a hike at Monte Alban, help with reforestation work in Arrazola, visit clinics, as well as playing games like soccer and basketball. SJSU students who have partaken part in this program say that it is that it’s not a service trip and it’s not about us teaching them it’s an Intercambio.


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