What are Alebrijes?

Alebrijes are wooden figures made from copal tree that grows near Arrazola, Oaxaca. They are carved, sanded, and painted by hand. Alebrijes usually consist of brightly colored animals. Every alebrije is unique because no two are alike. Alebrijes are not only part of their culture, but this is the primary source of economic support for the pueblo.

What are ecoalebrijes?

Ecoalebrijes are alebrijes made by members of La Asocacion de Artisanos Ecoalebrije. Their practices include the usage and preservation of the copal tree by actively replanting trees to sustain there are used to consere natural resources and reforestation.

Sustainability Project

The usage of the copal tree is vital for the families living in Arrazaola, Oaxaca. When “Friends of Arrazola” visit Oaxaca, they work on the sustainability of copal trees. The planting of trees done by “Friends of Arrazola” have greatly contributed to the economy of the local families that reside in Arrazola, Oaxaca.


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