Who they are – purpose & principles

Who are they:

The ecoalebrije Artisan Association is made up of members who hand carve, sand, and hand paint wooden figures, usually animals, made from the wood of the copal tree which grows in Arrazola. The members have a collective commitment to conservation and reforestation in Arrazola, Oaxaca Mexico. The ecoalebrijes are made by family artists, often with different family members doing the carving, sanding, and painting. No two alebrijes are ever alike.


Alebrijes are the primary means of economic support for the people of Arrazola. Their reforestation commitment seeks to create an environmentally sustainable economy that both uses and preserves natural resources.


To share and promote friendship, community, culture, and health education among the families and artisans of Arrazola, Mexico with the staff, and alumni of San Jose State University.


Home of the Ecoalebrije Artisan Association.

The role of the intercambio in Arrazola

Friendship, Community, and Health (Amistad, Commmunidad, Y Salud)

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