Introducing the Intercambio:

The Intercambio is an exchange that has taken place between San Jose State Health Science students and the people of Arrazola, Oaxaca, Mexico. Since March 2006 SJSU Health Science faculty and students have been traveling to Arrazola each year for a Spring Break of education, service, and cultural exchange. Since 2007 the artisans from the Arrazola artisan association and their children have been able to visit San Jose State University. During their stay they artisans are able to sell their alebrijes- the exquisite wooden figures-that are the primary economic support of the pueblo.

The artisans also speak to students from Franklin McKinley Elementary School about the importance of art and expression in Mexican life, and their efforts to create a sustainable local economy through the sales of their alebrijes, and their commitment to reforestation to be environmentally sustainable and preserve their natural resources.


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