The Health Science (HS) department at San Jose State University is part of the college of Applied Arts and Sciences. The mission of the HS department is to enrich the lives of students by contributing to our community. Students develop their skills as public health professionals in collaboration with community partnerships. The skills learned in the HS program create intellectual foundations and leadership roles in many community health settings. The core values that are instilled in students include health, community, prevention, advocacy, diversity, respect and excellence.

The department chair, Dr. Kathleen Roe, is extremely active and engaged in the development of her undergraduates and masters students. Dr. Roe has been actively working with Franklin McKinley elementary school to inform students and parents of healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Further, Dr. Roe has pioneered an annual trip to Arrazola, Oaxaca, Mexico. Each year, many students volunteer their time over spring break to apply their skills in a real life setting. The contribution to Oaxaca by Dr. Roe and the HS students has had a major impact on the lives and economy for the people of Arrazola. For many students the annual trip has been an affirmation of their career choice to make a difference in the lives of communities near and far.

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